Sep 11, 2011

Dumbest Mid-Fight Move in MMA History (Aoki vs. Gardner, DREAM)

This right here:
Yeah, he actually waved and said "Hello Japan!" right there.
Lets say for a second that you're fighting Shinya Aoki, one of the premiere submission artists on the planet, and you've managed to get yourself in kind of a f'd up situation where he has your back from a kneeling position, and you have a tenuous grasp on his hand and fighting to keep him from sinking a rear naked choke on you. Do you:

A: Continue to fight and try to spin around into top guard or at least not as shitty of a position.
B: Let go of his hand to wave to the mildly amused Japanese crowd and basically give him the choke on a silver platter, garnished and all?

If you chose B, congratulations! You're Dave Gardner, professional MMA fighter dumbass. Great job, Dave! I'm convinced you managed to somehow set back Japan-US relations at least a decade with one shake of the wrist, because no self-respecting citizen of any country would want to deal with a place that produces people as retarded as Dave Gardner.

Below: Current picture of Dave Gardner.

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