Sep 8, 2011

George St. Pierre - GSP Takedown Instructional Videos (Wrestling/MMA)

"You see where I'm pointing? You're going right there."
With all the hubbub over this Nick Diaz fiasco, I thought I'd take a break from all of that, and focus on a technique video that's been a long time coming. GSP, as the UFC's resident wrestling takedown master, with his takedown completion rate in the high 70's against the best competition in the business, obviously has a lot of things he can teach one about the art of dropping some fool on his ass.

Note that he does an awesome job of explaining the kuzushi (setup) part of the takedown as well as the takedown itself.

From Clinch:
Armdrag to Single
Inside Trip Hook
Inside Leg Pick
Knee Pick

Against the Cage:
Fence Takedown
Fence Ankle Pick (Against Whizzer)

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