Sep 28, 2011

How NOT to Punch and Kick - AKA, Why Most Kung Fu Schools Suck

I will admit, this was the first time I've ever seen a punching bag get double teamed.
The bag still didn't feel a thing... this caption makes me feel dirty.
I cringed watching this video:

The worst part about this seems to be the fact that this is a promotional video for Century Wavemaster punching bags. Whoever in the marketing department at Century thought this up should be fired immediately, ceremonially sacrificed, and then harvested for his organs. 

I would also say that this video is a huge disservice to kung fu in general, but on second thought, it's on par with almost everything else I've seen of this nature. To the people in this video, it might help not punching like an upset pre-teen girl, just saying.

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nate said...

i like your video, added value for me. I think i have a little opinion about martial arts.
"Students also interpret the class differently than other students in the same class, so other people’s opinions are not always the best determiner of what style you should pursue."

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