Sep 21, 2011

How to: Ninja Choke from Rubber Guard

Going back to cool and uncommon chokes from the Rubber Guard (IE: Rear Naked Plata), here is the Ninja Choke from Rubber Guard:

The Steps:
(If you need help with the names, Download "Mastering the Rubber Guard" by Eddie Bravo)

-Break Posture
-Mission Control -> Retard Control -> Zombie Control
-Clear the head for Chill Dog
-As Opponent presses into you to prevent the Omoplata, release your grips, switch your hips, and Figure-4 your arms for the Ninja Choke
-Remember to close your Guard to assist the finish.

Remember, this isn't the Front Naked Choke, although I think the name is more fitting due to the position of the choking arm.

For the Ninja Choke in action in MMA:

And just because I love this photo:
fuuuuuuuuckkkkk youuuu dolphin!

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