Sep 15, 2011

How to Win a Fight Against a Grizzly Bear by Choking the Sh*t Out of it. Manliest Story Ever.

Grizzly bears are just a blend of fur, teeth, and pissed off that weighs a ton.
Click this image below to see it in full-size, and read it.
Dale Peterson just earned himself a spot on my BAMF list.
There's a good chance your testosterone levels just spiked by 50% just from reading that. If you're so lazy that you can't be bothered to click the image, here's the brief:

  1.  There's a pissed off grizzly roaming about.
  2. The bear runs into Dale Peterson, mountain guide, and proceeds to try and f*ck him up.
  3. The bear gets most of Peterson's arm in his throat, trying to bite it off.
  4. In this horrible position, Dale Peterson, not about to take any more shit from this bear, chokes the bear out WITH HIS TEETH, then beats it to death with a stick.
And there you have it, the manliest goddamn story you will hear this year, if not this lifetime
That being said, don't go into your BJJ class this week and try to choke your sparring partner with your teeth. They're going to think that you have a vampire fetish and that you're trying to give them a hickey.

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