Sep 9, 2011

My Reaction to the Nick Diaz vs. BJ Penn Announcement for UFC 137

Yeah, I know it's the Firefly guy. It's just a perfect GIF picture.
Listen, I get that Dana White COULD have cut Diaz (but lol, no, he wouldn't), and this is something of a punishment for the promotion shenanigans, but considering that Diaz inadvertently created even more hype for UFC 137, I think they should have just kept the goddamn card alone so I could watch Diaz talk shit to George St. Pierre even as he gets tossed on his ass over and over again. 

That being said, I am very intrigued by the Diaz-Penn matchup, since both have a distinctive and excellent boxing and jiu jitsu game. I do feel kind of silly having been put through the hype ringer for UFC 137, and we still have 135 and 136 to go through.

To make up for reading through that, here's an old BJ Penn Jiu Jitsu highlight reel to watch:

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