Sep 14, 2011

New Separate Archive Page Using Blogger Pages!

example of html-fu in action.
I was getting tired of the Blog Archive in the side of the page looking cramped and taking up so much space, so I worked a little bit of HTML magic to solve my issue. Using a combination of the Blogger Pages feature, proper widget placement, and creative use of boolean operators, I made the new Archive page for Punch Kick Choke: 

You can go directly to this page by finding this little banner on the side of the page and clicking:

I also made the giant "Most popular posts this week" widget only appear on the homepage. I hope these couple tweaks make browsing my site easier and reduces load times.

I might add a RSS feed page for MMA News in the future using the same couple tricks. If you are a blogger, and would like to know how to do the same, leave a comment.

For today's fun video, here's a penetration test of various military rifles:

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