Oct 22, 2011

Punch Kick Choke is now available at www.punchkickchoke.com

In a move that I should have done years ago, punchkickchoke.blogspot.com will now be available at www.punchkickchoke.com for your MMA and BJJ needs!

Tell your friends, mom, and cat! Okay, so maybe not your cat, but definitely your mom. Tell her I said hi, and sorry for not calling back.
Also, new layout for the right side of the page- the RSS. Facebook, and Twitter buttons are bigger, so now you have no excuse not to subscribe, and new pages were added.

Now the archive and blogroll are easy to find, and the brand new Sponsors page (Visit them, they are paying me good money to sit on my ass) and Recommended Books (You know how much you love to read) page are just a click away.

And finally, if you have any suggestions for me, leave a comment. I can't promise I'll care, but I will definitely read them.

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