Nov 9, 2011

Omoplata Sweep from Guard by Greg Jackson (No-Gi BJJ for MMA)

First technique video in a while, sorry if you've missed it. Today's technique comes from Greg Jackson, who will likely go down as one of the greatest MMA trainers of all time. He shows us how to use the omoplata as a sweep for use in No-Gi BJJ and MMA.

For this post, I will assume you can get to the pre-omoplata position (picture at top) and break down the sweep as Jackson says.

1. From the position, extend your legs out to stretch him out and break down his base.
2. Make sure your hip is directly underneath him, start to pull the near leg up and across your chest while starting the roll.
3. Finish the sweep to side control by switching your grips (other hand secures the leg while the arm that was grabbing the leg goes up to the shoulder/head) and getting your legs in position for your preferred side control (knees blocking the hip and under the armpit in the video).

Note that he says he prefers the usage of the omoplata as a sweep first, submission second, a notion that I was kind of torn on at first, but agree on once I thought about it- the omoplata is not only a hard sub to finish on experienced grapplers, it's even harder in the slippery and more volatile No-Gi/MMA environment. Also, once you get to the 1/2 way point of the submission (before you sit up) you really are in a great position to sweep and land in side control, which in the end, is a safer and more advantageous path to take, and you can fall back to finishing the submission to boot.

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