Nov 2, 2011

A SEO Favor to Ask For PKC, From Me to You

Hey guys, I'm here to ask for a favor from anyone with a website/fb profile/twitter account.

GOOOOOGLE!!!! (Read in William Shatner's voice)

I very recently bought the custom domain recently despite working just fine because some wanker was trying to use my Google traffic to sell insurance or some bullshit, and I wasn't about to let that happen. Now, with all the backlink this and that which is so important for Google rankings for all MMA blogs, it's taken a slight hit on me, because all the links to my little blog here that I've built up over 4 years isn't to this new url, even though it redirects here. I'm sure it'll correct itself within a few weeks, but I'd like to take the initiative and help it along.

So please, do me a huge favor and just post a straight link to anywhere you can, whether it's on your facebook wall, twitter feed, or your own website, and if you already link here, please fix the base domain (all the additional parts of the URL are the same!). I'd like to make up for the year I went AWOL and bring you all newer and better content- if you have any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

On a completely unrelated note, what do you see in this picture below?
Because it's definitely NOT judo, whoever designed this logo.


Aaron said...

You need to do a 404 redirect not only your home page domain but also the post urls. You can pay someone on to do this for a minimal amount and will save you a lot of effort.

Because your google traffic was mostly coming from your many posts and internal pages not the homepage.

Punch Kick Choke said...

Hmm, I did the transfer through google/blogger, so there shouldn't be any 404 issues ( I could be wrong )

I was expecting the traffic hit, but I just wanted something to kickstart the process of rebuilding PR and whatnot. If you have any other ideas, shoot!

Aaron said...

You only did the root domain and not each individual page. You do that through the htaccess file.