Nov 13, 2011

To Everyone Asking "Does Cain Velasques Have a Weak Chin?" Read This.

Not pictured: Dana White's look of regret for not putting the Guida/Henderson fight on the main card as well.
I am writing this post because I was once again reminded of how much misinformed people like to talk and jump to conclusions. To everyone who is right now online talking shit about Cain Velasques' chin and how weak it is because Junior Dos Santos put him down, shut the fuck up and read. Also, take a good, long look at the picture above, because it's important.

I am not a Cain Velasques fanboy by any means, let's start with that. I was rooting for JDS yesterday, even though I had picked Cain as the likely winner, because I was thinking that Cain would have gotten the takedown early on in the fight and worn Dos Santos down, rather than being apprehensive and staying at a good range to get punched in the face like he did. With that out of the way, let's start talking about why a large number of people on MMA forums are retarded arm chair warriors.

First, let say for the sake of argument that Junior Dos Santos hit Cain Velasques right on the button on the chin (which he didn't, look at the goddamn picture), slammed his brain against the skull, and made him go lights out. That doesn't mean that he has a weak chin. "Look at his fight with Kongo!" you might say. I suggest you go volunteer to get punched in the face by Kongo or Dos Santos- they both have incredibly heavy hands that would drop anybody if they landed right. Cain Velasques doesn't have the chin of Big Nog in his glory days by any sense of the word, or even Roy Nelson's ability to take those shots, but that doesn't mean he has a weak chin. Andre Arlovski (current-day) has a weak chin. Johnathan Goulet has a weak chin. Cain Velasques has an about-average chin with decently quick recovery.

Second, and more importantly, Cain didn't get knocked out this fight. Once again, look at the picture above- Junior Dos Santos landed a heavy overhand right at the ear. This is not typically a knockout shot, but rather, a knockdown one, as in this case. What is the difference? A knockout requires a sudden whipping of the skull that the brain, in its semi-suspended state, cannot keep up with, leading to it bouncing against the hard sides and having the brain give a "SHUT DOWN EVERYTHING" signal to the rest of the body, making you go limp. A knockdown shot, which this was, is a shot that makes you lose your balance. The spot that JDS so artfully bashed in with the fury of a semi is the most ideal of these shots, because it really affects your balance at the source: your ear. For those of you unfamiliar with human anatomy, I'm talking specifically about your inner ear. A blow affecting this spot will completely destroy your ability to gauge your angle to the ground all while making you very, very dizzy, like you-just-chugged-a-half-liter-of-everclear-dizzy. Normally, you can recovery relatively quickly, but in MMA, you get  swarmed in on and GNP'd in the timeframe. Cain was never out, but had no chance to recover in time with how hard he was hit.

Glad I got this off my chest, carry on with your day. Congratulations to Cigano, hope you keep your belt for longer than 1 title defense.

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Sean said...

I definitely agree. Dos Santos hits hard as hell and has put away a lot of fighters with good chins, so getting KO'd like Velasquez did comes with no surprise really.