Nov 4, 2011

UFC 138 Main Card Picks and Predictions

Well, November seems to be a very UFC-packed month, but I'm not going to lie, I'm having a really hard time caring about UFC 138: Leben vs Munoz. It might be the lack of big names on the card, but it just fills me with an overwhelming sense of "MEH. Who gives a shit?" I will admit, there are potentially interesting fights if you look closely at the fighter pairings, but nothing extraordinary.

As always, I hope I get proven wrong and tomorrow will be filled with some of this year's most exciting and memorable fights, but all I can say is I would bet that this PPV has one of the lowest sales of the year. Regardless, here are my picks:

PKC UFC 138 Main Card Picks:

Light Heavyweight bout: Cyrille Diabaté vs. Anthony Perosh
Although the Frenchman Diabate is a solid Muay Thai striker, I'm giving this one to the Aussie Perosh, likely by submission in the 1st or 2nd round. Perosh, while not a A-list fighter, has excellent submission skills and is one of Australia's finest.

Lightweight bout: Terry Etim vs. Eddie Faaloloto
An interesting matchup, mostly because Faaloloto is a Hawaiian Kajukembo fighter, a sort of extreme version of kempo. However, the advantage still goes to the British fighter, Terry Etim- another fight where I think a submission would be likely, given that Etim can avoid getting caught with a hard flurry of strikes that Kajukembo specialists tend to employ. Look for submission attempts by Etim in the 2nd and 3rd round.

Welterweight bout: Thiago Alves vs. Papy Abedi
Abedi will be making his debut against Alves, who I think will be too much for the undefeated Swedish/Congolese fighter to handle. Regardless, this one will likely be a striking-heavy match, with Alves coming out the winner by TKO in the 1st. I was originally going to say by decision, but considering the heavy-rush style of Papy, this one will be over pretty quickly, regardless of who is the victor. This is actually a fight on tomorrow's card that I'm excited for.

Bantamweight bout: Brad Pickett vs. Renan Barão
This one is a hard fight for me to pick, has Barao has one of the longest winning streaks in MMA right now, and Pickett has an impressive record as well. I was really at a loss in this one, trying to decide Pickett by decision or Barao by Submission, but I'm going with Pickett by decision, not because it was the glaringly obvious choice, but because I like the fact that he comes out to the ring acting like Brad Pitt's gypsy-boxer character in Snatch.

Middleweight bout: Chris Leben vs. Mark Muñoz
Munoz is up against the always hard-hitting "Crippler" Leben, but I think Leben won't be able to land that big swing of his on Munoz, and will instead be looking at getting easily out-wrestled by Munoz and getting worn down through the entire 5 rounds. Munoz by decision.

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