Nov 12, 2011

UFC on Fox - Prelim Live Results! (Blow by Blow Updates)

UFC on FOX 1 Velasques vs. Dos Santos
Preliminary Card Results
One of my rare round by round live updates (so enjoy it), and I will try to keep my editorializing in (parenthesis). My Predictions here:

Light Heavyweight bout: Aaron Rosa vs. Matt Lucas
R1: Clinch up, Rosa gets taken down but gets right back up. Back to the clinch, Rosa keeps a deep overhook and throws knees, Lucas gets a few short punches in. Rosa tries the Thai clinch, loses it but Lucas eats a punch that knocks his mouthpiece out, Big John calls T/O to put it back. Rosa is clearly better in the clinch, with Lucas being able to do little, looking gassed early. End of R1

R2: Lucas gets another takedown, but Rosa gets right back up again. Rosa is mixing up clinch styles and throws the short elbows and knees. Lucas keeps eating shots in the clinch and loses his mouthpiece again. Drops it freaking AGAIN. Big John takes a point away. Lucas gets a takedown, and lands in half guard. He keeps Rosa there for 15 seconds before Rosa gets it standing again. End of R2

R3: They come out swinging, Lucas gets a few good shots in before clinching up again. Rosa is using the deep overhook & fence well in the clinch. Lucas is now looking very tired and is moving slowly. Lucas continues to land short shots, and Lucas loses his mouthpiece yet again (...seriously?). Rosa lands a good shot, Big John calls time out for the mouthpiece, and puts them back into over/under. Rosa stuffs a last ditch takedown as the final horn sounds. End of R3.

(I really thought coming from ACS, Matt Lucas would have had excellent conditioning and better clinch work. Oh well. Great clinch work by Rosa.)

Aaron Rosa wins by Majority Decision
Welterweight bout: Mike Pierce vs. Paul Bradley
R1: Pierce runs right into the clinch, disengages, and both throw a quick flurry at each other. Back and forth with clinch ups and disengagements. Pierce lands a few nice leg kicks on Bradley, who returns with a few punches of his own + a missed superman punch. Bradley gets a single leg takedown and Pierce quickly hops up against the fence, Bradley pulls back. They clinch up again in the center of the ring, they trade knee shots and punches. End of R1. (Great action by both fighters.)

Pierce starts round by throwing a couple leg kicks that miss. Pierce seems confident in his wrestling and clinch game. Bradley gets Thai clinch for a second but loses it. Little back and forth for half a minute before neutral clinching again, Bradley throwing knees to body. Bradley shoots for a takedown, but Pierce instantly grabs the whizzer and counters. 1-2-leg kick by Pierce, and End of R2.

R3: Clinch up again at start of round, Bradley gets a nice knee in. Bradley seems to start pushing his own pace more, but fails in getting the takedown again. Fighters stuck in over/under, ref breaks up. Lots of body shots and knees this round. Bradley finally gets a good takedown, hugging Pierce's legs, sliding his way up, but Pierce gets free and standing. 20 seconds remaining, Pierce lands a solid left hook right before end of R3 and end of fight. (A great rematch by these fighters! I think Pierce got this one, though.)

Mike Pierce wins by Split Decision
Bantamweight bout: Alex Caceres vs. Cole Escovedo
R1: Nice teep kick off the bat by Caceres. Caceres starts very aggressive as usual, controlling the center and kicking a lot. Escovedo staying calm and distant for now, throwing only when Caceres comes in. Caceres lands a good spinning backfist, and follows up with flying knee. Caceres gets Escovedo down for a second and lands two punches, pulls out. Cool little switch kick by Caceres, comfortable jumping in and out against Escovedo. Escovedo lands a hard kick after eating a low blow, drops Caceres for a second, End of R1.

R2: Similar start to R1, lots of teep kicks. Escovedo having range issues, Caceres throwing a lot of good quick shots, Escovedo firing back here and there. Escovedo jumps guard after missed back side kick by Caceres, sweeps Caceres for a second, back to standing. Escovedo tries for standing arm triangle, loses it.  Escovedo gets a glancing combo in, ineffective. Caceres looking like a miniature Jon Jones, jumping in and out. Good elbow by Cole in short clinch period against cage. End of R2. (Escovedo looking very frustrated. I'm worried that Caceres's over confidence will play against him.)

R3: Caceres hits side kick, but Escovedo get him down. Caceres throws up triangle, Escovedo slips out, kimura, slips out, Armbar! Escovedo stalling out, pushing legs in to prevent finish. Caceres showing offensive guard clinic. Gets up, Escovedo lands knee on way. (Wow!) Back to in-out by Caceres, and he's throwing whatever the hell he feels like. Escovedo gets another takedown, high up on the back, loses triangle attempt, Caceres back up. End of R3. (Alex Caceres really impressed me tonight, and beat Escovedo in his own game on the ground. Glad he proved me wrong on my prediction.)

Alex Caceres wins by Unanimous Decision
Featherweight bout: Mackens Semerzier vs. Robert Peralta
R1: Low blow starts the fight, not bad. Clinch against cage. Little shots by both, Semerzier tries for single, fails. Scramble and quick blows, back to mid range. Semerzier counters off Peralta's kick, drops him for a second, back up against cage, disengages. Semerzier pushing the pace of fight. Semerzier gets explosive single leg in center of cage, standing in top guard, controlling the legs of Peralta. Semerzier dropping a few punches, Peralta not able to control. End of R1.

R2: Peralta drops Semerzier for a second with right, big power punches by Peralta! Semerzier gets back up and pushing Peralta against cage. Disengage, big swings miss by both. Peralta trying to capitalize on earlier stun, Semerzier looking less rocked and back at it. Mid range stalling by fighters, little blows back and forth. Semerzier grabs double underhooks and tries for takedown, but just ends up at cage. Back to center, Semerzier goes southpaw and lands kicks. End of R2.

R3: R3 starts slowly, Peralta swings wide. Leg kicks by both. Semerzier get hit by a HUGE punch, Peralta wails on him, and fight gets stopped! Peralta gets a big win by TKO! ...oh, it was an accidental head butt as they tried to swing at each other that dropped Semerzier. The call stays the same, not intentional.

Rob Peralta wins by TKO, R3
Bantamweight bout: Norifumi Yamamoto vs. Darren Uyenoyama
R1: (I'm very interested in this fight, 2 great fighters, I picked Uyenoyama over KID, but we'll see!) Uyenoyama tries for a shot, Kid pushes him off. Kid obviously wants to keep this standing. Yamamoto has Darren pushed against the cage, Kid throws Uyenoyama to the ground, up... huge judo throw to toss him down again! Uyenoyama toying with triangle, but Kid steps out. Kid goes for quick  uppercut. Uyenoyama gets Kid down, throwing punches! Kid tries for butterfly guard, but Uyenoyama has Kid controlled, takes Kid's back! 44 seconds to work the RNC. Uyenoyama working at it, gets under the chin! Kid doesn't tap, end of R1! (So close!)

R2: Kid lands clean left! Drops Uyenoyama, Uyenoyama grabbing Kid's leg, and he's bleeding. He gets Kid down again, very clean transition to half guard, secures position. Uyenoyama mounts, then back mounts with full body triangle! (Sick Jiu Jitsu tonight!) Kid doing a good job of stalling, but submission seems imminent. Right arm under, doesn't finish palm-to-palm RNC. Uyenoyama slipping in good hammerfists. 45 seconds in round. Kid survives again, end of R2.

R3: Kid slips after kick, no punishment. Darren jumps guard, goes to Rubber Guard, Mission Control. Crackhead control, Kid's stuck in Rubber Guard. Back to full guard, Kid stands, eats upkick. Little back and forth, Kid seems hesitant, pushes Darren against cage. Kid tries throw, fails, back to cage. 30 seconds left. Kid lands right, glances. End of R3, end of fight! Kid Yamamoto looks disappointed.

Darren Uyenoyama wins by Unanimous Decision (Another Awesome Fight!)
Welterweight bout: DaMarques Johnson vs. Clay Harvison
R1: Small blows back and forth.... JOHNSON LANDS HUGE SHOT, DROPS HARVISON. DaMarques knew he won before he drops the second punch.

DaMarques Johnson wins via KO, R1!
Featherweight bout: Cub Swanson vs. Ricardo Lamas
R1: Cub starts active with leg kicks, sweeps Lamas for a second, gets up. Swanson hits right in the cup, unintentional. Lamas shoots, gets the takedown. Cub going for kimura, loses position to half guard. Lamas trying to be active and hits. Cub has arm in to start guillotine attempt, hands connected, guard closed, Lamas trying to slam out of it, Lamas survives and stands up! Lamas tries a Capoeira kick, misses. Cub does nice drop takedown, Cub lands in side control. North-South, back up to feet. End of R1.

R2: Big start, Lamas takes Cub down. Cub's trying to kimura to guillotine bait again, fails, ends up trying Rubber Guard, Lamas slips out, throws some GNP. Cub tries Guillotine again, but Lamas has an arm triangle! Locks it in, Cub taps!

Lamas wins by Arm Triangle, R2
Featherweight bout: Dustin Poirier vs. Pablo Garza
R1: (I picked Garza for this fight, but another very interesting matchup.) Poirier comes out southpaw, controlling center of the octagon. Poirier comes in with a quick flurry, Garza hits back with his own. Garza lands a kick, Poirier  grabs and pushes Garza down for a second. Garza seems to be trying to keep v at bay. Garza has Poirier's leg, they go down, Garza almost has a leg lock, loses it, standing. Poirier lands a nice flurry, Garza tries for the takedown, Poirier lands on top, half guard. Garza trying to tie up the right arm, but Poirier  keeps away. Poirier drops a little GNP, Garza pulls full guard, plays with idea of armbar, but end of R1.

R2: Short flurry to start, Garza pulls guard, ends in half guard. Poirier dropping short punches with his right. Poirier going for D'Arce choke... rolls Garza over, GETS IT! (Looks like Tim Credeur trained him right.)

Dustin Poirier wins by Submission, D'Arce choke, R2 
Lightweight bout: Ben Henderson vs. Clay Guida
R1: (Ben Henderson is the 3-1 favorite, but I picked Guida. It was a very difficult choice for me, but I was thinking that Greg Jackson put together a good game for him in training. This is going to be an awesome fight!) They come out hopping at each other, Guida lands a leg kick. Guida gets hit hard by Henderson, Guida hugs the leg and survives. Henderson gets pushed against the cage, Clay trying for the takedown, but Henderson has a solid base. Guida has him down for a brief moment. Henderson has double underhooks against cage, throwing knees. Guida drops down, attempts single leg. Clay showing signs of life again, Benson misses big kick. Guida hits Benson with big shot after flying knee, drops him for a second! Henderson goes down for takedown against cage. They're back up, Henderson throwing knees and legs, end of R1. (Great first round!)

R2: Strong start again, takedown by Guida, Henderson climbs up top, Guida lands in half guard. Guida climbs up against cage, Henderson tries to surprise him with drop double leg, ends in clinch against cage. Big knees by Henderson. Guida grabs the knee and takes Henderson down, but Henderson works his way up. Guida starts landing knees of his own. Amazing cage wrestling skills shown by both. Big spinning backfist by Guida just misses, scramble, Henderson gets on top. Guida tries for Guillotine, can't finish. Benson gets the back, body triangle, 30 seconds to go! Clay Guida survives the round!

R3: More measured start to this round by Guida. Small exchanges here and there, very distinctly different styles shown by both fighters. Henderson just misses with axe kick. Guida lands nice knee to body as they get to the cage. Guida tries for explosive takedown, Henderson defends attempt all the way to other side of octagon. Quick exchange ends with Guida missing head kick, Henderson takes him down, side control. Guida scrambles, but Henderson gets to Guida's back again, body triangle, spins him around. Clay Guida explosively goes up, big scramble, Guida ends up on top with Benson's neck, they keep spinning around! END OF THE FIGHT! Wow. That was awesome.

Benson Henderson wins by Unanimous Decision! Such an amazing fight! Frankie Edgar now has the hardest job in the UFC.

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