Mar 7, 2011

MMA Fighting Stance and Setting Up the Takedown - Joe Lauzon

Out of context caption: JLau: "Don't Leeeaaaavvvveeee meeeee!!!"
This is a great video by Joe Lauzon where he shows us the MMA stance range with the variance between the extremes of the wide staggered boxing stance and the squared up wrestling stance, then finishes by showing us the basic footwork required to finish double leg takedowns off the shot.

Differences between boxing, wrestling, and kickboxing stances
Footwork for Shooting for the Takedown and Turning the Corner
Using the Hook Feint to Set Up the Takedown

See how smoothly JLau goes in for the takedown and lands in side control- very good training form for cutting the corner.

Mar 5, 2011

MMA Knockouts - MMA Video Collection

twinkle, twinkle, little star... or, блеск, блеск, маленькая звезда in this case.
I got bored today and looked up a series of brutal MMA Knockouts. There's just something so satisfying about seeing a combatant go limp after a well placed shot on the button, isn't there?

Mar 3, 2011

Taking the Back from the Half Guard

I had to take a short break over a hand infection, but I'm back.
This is a breakdown on a video from the guys at TrainFightWin-
How to take the back from the half guard using the armdrag. I like this one because if done smoothly, it can really catch your opponent off guard.
1. Frame and pop your opponent up to create space
2. Use the previous motion to feed your outer knee through to trap the arm.
3. Hold on to the arm low on the tricep with the outer hand, and pull down on the opponent's neck.
4. As the opponent tries to pull away, drop away the hand from the neck, switch to an underhook grasp on the shoulder, and switch to wrist control with the outer arm.
5. Crunch the the arm toward you, then kick out the outer leg to pop out the arm. Use this motion to armdrag and drop that side of your opponent down.
6. In one motion, turn out, prop yourself up, get the hook, secure the upper body, and take the back.