May 18, 2012

Anderson Silva vs Steven Seagal Budweiser Commercial

anderson silva as kill bill bride

This is a pretty hilarious commercial- Anderson Silva and Steven Seagal face off in a western saloon... over a bottle of Budweiser beer. My theory is that the loser of this epic showdown between Anderson "the Spider" Silva and a tub of bacon grease with a ponytail and a mean stare has to be the one to actually drink that bottle of diluted carbonated deer urine. 

(To the Budweiser PR department: I will take a donation to change the end of that last sentence.)

Who will win? Comment below.


Anonymous said...

Anderson Silva wins in R1 via murder/death/kill

shi zhan said...

Ray Banの不動のナンバーワンシリーズ、ウェイファーラーを購入したいと思います。数多くのレイバン モデルの中で、最近一番人気あるのがそのウェイファーラーと言われています。給料を貰ったら、早速レイバン RB4105を購入しますので、また報告します!