May 15, 2012

Awesome Judo Double Armlock Off a Failed Throw

How does one say "WTF, mate?' in Japanese?
In this awesome clip narrated by Sensei Hal Sharp, it shows a spectacular double coil lock that happened at a Judo competition. Sadly, it's another video where BJJ and Judo fanboys are at each other's throats over who should claim the victory as theirs on Youtube. I would suggest both sides have a nice warm glass of shut the f$ck up and just enjoy what is an awesome finish to a failed throw attempt. Here is the video, with comments below: 

Attacker tries drop knee seoi but fails

Continues to pull down, grabs collar and swings under to begin newaza

Grabs sleeve, brings hips fully under center, and pushes at the hips w/ feet, possibly for sweep or armbar, fails.

Pulls deeper into his guard, gets a coil lock on the right arm.

Now for the crazy part, half-spider on the left arm (don't see the clam guard too often), hooks it with left foot, grabs collar and proceeds to turn him to his back while maintaining the coil lock

Swings the right leg over the now very-confused opponent, and coils/kimuras the other(left) arm, and the opponent has no choice but to tap for the ippon.

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