May 27, 2012

Breakdown of Junior Dos Santos TKO of Frank Mir (Pictures UFC 146)

It was the beginning of the end for Frank Mir at the end of the first round when JDS rocked him, but here is the step-by-step breakdown of the TKO finish of the main card of UFC 146: Dos Santos vs Mir
Frank Mir lands a high kick to JDS's body, but can't retract it fast enough, leaving a lot of room for a counter.
Seizing the opportunity, JDS throws a stiff right straight down the pipe, catching Mir right on the cheek.
As Mir stumbles back, Cigano rushes in for the kill
Mir tries to turtle up, but just gets the beatdown by Dos Santos
Dos Santos gets up, but as Mir tries to get up as well, JDS lands the final hammerfist before the TKO stoppage
Congratulations to Junior Dos Santos, a real HW champ- WAR CIGANO!
Valiant effort by Mir, but he was simply outclassed and denied the ground game. I'm not sure what his next step is or should be, but I wish him all the best.

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chris tucker said...

What a crock of shit. Frank Mir didn't even try to win this fight.
What idiot tries to stand up with Junior?
It looks like Frank Mir took a dive, to preserve the big UFC payday for Overeem and Junior.
Not to mention the rematch with Vasquez.