May 9, 2012

Defending the Kimura from Side Control - Kurt Osiander (BJJ/Gi)

"You f'd up a long time ago." -Kurt Osiander, eloquent as always.
Countering the Side Control Kimura

First, as your opponent tries for the kimura, attempt to grab your own collar; not your belt, not your leg. (aka, if grappling with a Gi, use it!)

If you've managed to grab the collar, grab the far leg behind the knee, scoot out to a north-south, and spin out of the kimura and regain guard.

(Failing the above)
...but you done f'd up and are now stuck in a side control Kimura

You are trying to keep him from stepping over to lift you and cranking the kimura home.

Bridge up and straighten your arm at the same time- this will open you up momentarily for another armlock, so tuck in, frame out, and regain your guard. This one is much less likely to work than the first defense.

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