May 2, 2012

MMA Guard - Rat Guard (Alternative to Rubber Guard)

alt to rubber guard for mma
"In a moment, I will show you where I think Eddie Bravo should stick it" -Coach Dreyfus, Radical MMA (paraphrased)

Here is a series I was going to share before my eye went rogue on me. Shown here by Radical MMA in NYC, the Rat Guard is their approach to a MMA-oriented guard style that isn't the Rubber Guard, isn't purely defensive, and doesn't require quite as much flexibility and leg dexterity to get started on it. I think it's interesting, and worth a look:

Part 1: Intro to Rat Guard

Part 2: Defense and Counters to Rat Guard

There are more videos in the series, so go to Youtube and watch the rest of the Rat Guard series.

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