May 21, 2012

Nick Diaz NSAC Hearing for MMJ Use (Photo and Comments)

Nick Diaz at his NSAC hearing.
What we learned today about Nick Diaz and the world of MMA:

  • Diaz has been using marijuana since he was 13, was granted a doctor's rec in 2009
  • Diaz probably didn't listen to a word his counsel said, and was his own worst enemy in the hearing
  • The NSAC board does not like Diaz, probably because he accused them of being out to get him
  • Diaz did say he was going to retire, but is taking action to being served
  • Semantics: "Serious medical condition!"
  • Nick Diaz is suspended for one year from the date of the Condit fight, til Feb, also must forfeit 30% of his purse and bonus. (There was no bonus, so $60,000 fine. Ouch.)

That all being said, Chael Sonnen is getting a pat on the back and got a TUE to use roids Testosterone Replacement Therapy against Anderson Silva, and Diaz is getting screwed for MMJ use a week before the fight. Hilarious. Feel free to argue with me on this, but Sonnen's need for TRT probably stems from prior steroid use and the associated drop in natural testosterone levels.

Watch the hearing live here:

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