Jun 26, 2012

The Ugliest MMA Gloves Ever! (BKM)

Look at this. I take one look at this piece of crap pair of MMA Gloves and can automatically tell you a few things:

Made in Pakistan or China, OEM labeled, lowest bidder
Ordered by some short-sighted entrepreneur who wanted to cash in on the MMA craze
Will fall apart with 4-8 months of light use, seams will rip and the padding will be useless

To future business-minded MMA fans- this is the kind of thing you want to avoid at all costs. It's nasty to look at, it's dangerous to the end user, and in the end, you'll lose money trying to hawk off cheaply-made goods in the information age and destroy any chance of building a brand.

So yeah, ugliest MMA Gloves ever.

For MMA Gloves that aren't a crime against good taste, go to  Prokarateshop: MMA Glove

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