Oct 18, 2012

Fan Academy Web Series and Here Comes the Boom Press Release

Here's a PR from the MMA Comedy Movie Here Comes the Boom-

Mixed Martial Arts legend Bas Rutten and stunt coordinator Garrett Warren teach high school teacher Scott Sedlick the 4 basic disciplines of martial arts from upcoming action comedy Here Comes the Boom in this new epsiode of stuntman web series Fan Academy. 

Fan Academy is a new multi-part cinematic web series produced by NYC digital video company DBG, schooling Average Joes on some of Hollywood’s most exciting stunts and technology.

In the second episode, see what high school teacher Scott Sedlick was able to learn from Bas Rutten when he takes the ring against MMA fighter Jason Lambert.

Decided to post this out of love for Bas.

TLDR- Here's some cool content with Bas Rutten, and Kevin James needs everyone to know he's the Spike Lee/Jack Nicholson of UFC Events so watch the goddamn movie.


Nate said...

Yeah, I want to see this. Kevin James rocks, and you know the movie's gonna hit home!


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